Ghost on the Car Radio (2017) LP

Ghost on the Car Radio (2017) LP


Well, look what we found in the warehouse: one lonely box of lost “Ghost” LPs . . . get them while they last.

Vinyl LP -includes link to mp3s

release date: 23 June, 2017

“Another collection of songs that reinforce Cleaves' reputation as a master storyteller, one influenced not by the shine of pop-culture but by the dirt of real life." -Joseph Hudak, Rolling Stone

Track Listing:

  1. Already Gone (3:03)

  2. Drunken Barber's Hand (2:41)

  3. If I Had a Heart (3:47)

  4. Little Guys (3:02)

  5. Primer Gray (3:59)

  6. Hickory (3:39)

  7. Take Home Pay (2:52)

  8. The Old Guard (3:45)

  9. So Good to Me (3:18)

  10. To Be Held (3:19)

  11. Still Be Mine (3:19)

  12. Junkyard (2:14)

Produced by Scrappy Jud Newcomb

Candy House Media CMH132

© 2017 Slaid Cleaves. All rights reserved.

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Why $24.81? Because that the price, adjusted for inflation, that Tom Petty forced the record label to stick to for “Hard Promises” in 1981.